Winged - leap motion drawing app

Main roles

User Experience Researcher & Designer

Main roles

User Experience Researcher & Designer

Tools used

Figma, Miro and paper prototyping

Problem statement

Disabilities have long had negative influence on adults emotionally and physically

There are a lot of disabled artists out there who want to be able to draw. However, most of them use other parts of their bodies (such as their mouths and legs), which will greatly cause pain and discomfort.

Based on the concept of art therapy, art is a means for users to feel the freedom to express themselves and create something new. It is especially helpful when users are bound by illnesses and feel less in control of their health.{' '}

“Art provides unlimited possibilities for personal, academic, and professional success.” - Christopher and Diana Reeve Foundation. Winged promotes inclusivity in the arts and help artists achieve their goals, either for leisure or serious career pursuit


Our audience are those with arm or hand disabilities, unlimited in age or gender

The testing audience was those without arm and hand disabilities or only minor injuries, as consent and safety during Covid-19 was a concern.


There has been research on a software that utilizes the leap motion controller to enable users to draw using hand gestures in midair (researched on by Dr. Chris Creed at University of Birmingham), but the interface in the app was too complicated for users to navigate.

Winged's main challenge is to create an interface that is easy for navigate for different physiological needs.

How Might We (HMWs)

  1. HMW help the users navigate the interface with minimal discomfort and muscle pain?
  2. HMW create the user interface (UI) as minimalistic as possible?
  3. HMW make the options and the icons easier to click?
  4. HMW move the canvas to adjust to the users’ hand placement?
  5. HMW create independence for the users when they use our app?
  6. HMW help users boost their creativity, and more importantly, their self-esteem?

In this case study, I will propose a solution for HMWs 1-4, and leave 5) and 6) for further research and future iterations

Similar to Dr. Creed's research, we utilize the leap motion controller as a tool for users to draw.

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