Microsoft Docs


During the time at, I am lucky to have worked on various projects with the Identity Team to improve the learning experience on Microsoft's official documentation site, collaborating within Docs Engineering team and integrating Atlas Design into the new UIs.

Token service refactor

The project aims to let users try out the Azure APIs within a sandbox environment on learn. focuses on the user sign in flow, authentication scenarios for users with different Azure subscriptions and identity.

The challenge of the project was to make sure different scenarios are tested and tackled carefully, avoiding any infinite login redirection and testing the UI scenarios with Jest.

Responsiveness and themes is also taken care of in collaboration with the designer to ensure pixel-perfect modals, margins and reusable front-end code.

Sign in screen when user is not logged in to

Scenario: user doesn't have subscription or a free trial in Azure

Scenario: when users are already signed into Learn (formerly Docs)

Scenario: users' Azure subscription have several tenants. Users can still switch account before finalizing and using the sandbox (mobile view)

Dark theme

Mobile view

Key things I learned

My experience at Microsoft is definitely valuable. I got to work with talented and pleasant colleagues while also contributed to projects that created impact on the users and their learning experience.

  • The importance of communicating, asking questions and caring about your users. I actively talked to the designers, PMs and backend engineers to understand more thoroughly about the projects and the targeted users. I also utilized any UX/UI principles I usability, accessibility, and align with our business goals.

  • Working with designers and UX engineers on negotiating between the designer's aesthetics and design system utilization.

  • Working with the backend team on API testing, validating endpoints and work with different authentication scenarios.

  • Accessibility. As Microsoft values accessibility in all shipped products, the UI has to be tested to match the WCAG guidelines.

    Accessibility has long been my interest, so I worked to push the products forward to inclusive design in any way I could. Working with any team and company that deeply care about accessibility is a wonderful collaboration.